A little about…With My Boots On

Hello world,

Maybe you’re wondering why you’re here? Probably because you have no idea what the hell anyone means by “With My Boots On” and that’s okay. That’s my outlook on life in general and I’m trying to implement what that means into the every day. Hard work, a little dirt and a sprinkle of love and you got yourself a life well lived, so when you gotta go, you know you’re leaving it with your boots on. Here is a little more about me and what the heck I’m doing here.

I love to write. I write novels (check out the link on my page!) and decided to expand into blogging. I love movies, reading, baking, cooking, gardening, the outdoors and I also love to travel. Here’s the thing about travel though, you need money. I’d love to see the world and am working towards that goal.

In the meantime, I had this thought; why do I have to get on a plane or a boat and wander around with my overstuffed backpack right this second to fill the wanderlust that chews at my soul? Ding ding, idea! What if I take a smaller backpack and my truck around local towns? How many towns in my immediate 100 mile radius have I really been to? Do I have favorites? Hell yes! I can travel around my state without breaking the bank or throwing out my back! Yes, I know there are options for me to do anything on a shoe string budget these days, but I’d like to prove to people (and myself) that the little places all around us are just as exciting as going on a huge trip. I believe with a full tank (or two) of fuel, you can find a nook or cranny that holds a hidden adventure right out your back door.

I live in Tacoma Washington. Not my ideal place because I’m a small town gal who gets eeked out by the sounds of traffic and too many people, but it’s got some cool stuff going for it, (which we will cover in another post) and I’m with the dude that stole my heart and married me. He’s going to be my co-pilot on these trips so I’ll be able to tell you which places around Washington will cause joy… or an argument… but mostly joy. Because I’m into small towns, we’ll really be looking at those little hidden gems and diving into their secrets.

So, come on this adventure with me. Put on your most comfortable boots, grab a snack and lets check out my backyard here in Washington state.



  1. Thanks for doing this. I never get to talk to you enough anyway. When you go to Wilkeson let me know. I want to come along and give you some extra history of the town.

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