Hi there my fellow small town road trippers!

This little town, is a really unique place. I have to admit, I’d never heard of Poulsbo until about four years ago when my parents suddenly announced they were moving there. I thought they made it up and it wasn’t a real place and feared I’d have to put them both in a home. But, once I saw it, I understood why they decided they had to move there.

Poulsbo is located at the waters edge of Liberty Bay off Highway 3 on the Olympic Peninsula. From Tacoma, it’s about an hour drive on scenic Highway 16 after crossing the Narrows Bridge. It’s not a bad drive and there are a bunch of small towns to pop into if you want to take your time driving there. You can also get there by way of ferry if you like that idea better or are coming from the Seattle area.

Sunset on the marina

This little town really has a unique theme; Viking. Not kidding. When you get there, you’ll want to start on Front Street, this is the downtown and where all the action is. There’s a nice park by the marina with a decent sized parking lot and access to all the hot spots on your walk through historic down town. Since you’ll be walking the block, wear your comfortable boots and get ready for lots of cool shops and great food.

My favorites? Thought you’d never ask…

Liberty Bay Books is a hot spot for me… duh. They have good prices and SO. MANY. BOOKS. Looking for a unique place to shop? I recommend The Red Plantation. Its full of antiques, homemade gifts and the odd-ball trinket here and there. The staff there is awesome too, which makes the experience much more fun. Hungry? Get your butt over to The Green Light Diner. It’s an actual Diner and the food is really good! Fair warning however, the service is a bit slower, so don’t go there if you’re in a hurry. Just enjoy the chill 1950’s vibe and yummy food. Chocolate Malt anyone?

This next place get’s a drool face from me everytime I hear it’s name… (which is a weird one, that I cannot pronounce to save my life) Sluys Poulsbo Bakery. Just the smell of this place will cause drooling and possible carb cravings that will haunt you all day long until you give in… and you better give in. Forget your diet, EAT something from this place and do not feel guilty, because life is too short to miss this bakery and al the yummy things it has to offer. Cinnamon roll? Pizza rolls? Cookies? Cupcakes? Breads? Doughnuts! Oh hell yes… mmmm…. drooling now.

Candy shop! Plus an amazing piece of art!

Front Street literally has so much going for it, I would be writing for days to cover everything. Between the bars; The Brass Kraken and Slippery Pig to name a couple, unusual shops, pet stores with organic treats made in-house and all kinds of restaurants, you will want to spend an entire day there. The marina is right there, so even if you just want to have a picnic in the park, the view is awesome.

That’s not all… all over Poulsbo there is breweries, farms, nurseries, markets and even a nut roasters! Nearby, are The Clearwater Casino, The Point Casino and towns even smaller than Poulsbo with great parks and beaches. Poulsbo is worth the drive and even more than once. Every time I visit mom and dad, they take me somewhere new or we visit my favorite places. This town has it all and is a favorite for this family since the big move.

Bar with a view? Yes please!

So, I think its time for you to pack up the car, get your boots on and spend a day wandering around Poulsbo! Maybe I’ll see you there! Until next time!

Check out their website to find out when the major events (Viking Fest and the 3rd of July are AWESOME!!!) are happening and come by for a visit! Below is the link to the city events page, check it out!


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