Lake Easton

Hello small town road trippers!

Occasionally, I’ll actually be staying places for more than a day and getting the opportunity to really dive into what makes a place special. This go-around, we stayed at Lake Easton, which is the main attraction in the very small town of Easton Washington. This beautiful park and campground is off exit 70 Easton Sparks Rd, when you head eastbound on I-90 over Snoqualmie Pass. I bet you’ve driven over the river that feeds into the lake and even seen the lake and fishing bridge itself from the highway and wondered what it was. I know I did for years and then I finally got to go there, with my parents joining us on the adventure.

Our spot

Since we currently live in an RV, we brought the ‘house’ with us and stayed in the RV side of the campground and I’ll tell you from experience, those sites are super tight if you’re in an oversized coach like us. My talented husband backed our monster coach into the spot while I covered my eyes and hid in the back seat and tried really hard to just shut up. There was a little mix up when I called and booked the site (we were put in the wrong one!) and I will say, the staff and Ranger were incredibly nice and made it right.

The grounds are wonderful and tucked under a canopy of trees, which is great for shade in eastern Washington summer heat. There was also enough room for the Plinko boards and many rounds were played. The only downfall… all you can hear is the cars and trucks on I-90 and it’s LOUD. So, I would maybe only come for the day, or tent camp, because the tent camping side of the park is much quieter and farther away from the highway noise.

Dispite the road noise, this campground is really beautiful and well kept. The grounds are very clean (bathrooms too!) and the park right at the lake’s edge, is good for relaxing and a place for kids to play. I don’t have any, but the kids that were there swimming and playing were having a great time and nobody cried, so I feel confindent in my assumption there.

I’ve recently taken up the hobby of kayaking and this lake is perfect for it. There are no motorboats allowed and you can launch right from the beach at the park. My little brother joined my husband and I, and we were out on the water for hours. It was really fun and relaxing, just crusing along the lakes edges. We followed the slow moving river, underneath I-90 and found some great swimming holes and watched ducks and fish while we paddled along. Just a note; the water in June is very cold, like freeze-your-bum-into-a-rasin cold, so I wouldn’t swim until late July or August.

River by the tent campground

Lake Easton is close enough to Roslyn to check out the little historic town and have a drink at The Brick. Cle Elum isn’t too far off either and there are some great places to eat and shop there as well. We didn’t venture into town on this trip, we stayed in the park and rode our bikes around, explored creeks, hiking trails and the lake and enjoyed the scent of mountain air. If you get the chance to stop in to Lake Easton on your way east of the mountains, its worth it, despite the noise of the road. Come for a picnic, bring your kayak, raft or kick off your boots and dare to swim and enjoy this beautiful alpine lake.

Until next time!

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