5 Day Trip Tips

Hello fellow day-trippers, road wanderers and travel junkies…

These boots…

We all love to go on adventures. I love to go on day adventures because the escape is quick and you don’t have to pack much. I try to do a day trip at least once a week, either to a place that might take a few hours to reach, or a place that takes twenty minutes. An escape is an escape from the city and I’ll take it. However, I have learned a thing or two that might help make each little adventure out of the house a bit easier. I came up with these five little tips to help you in your own travels.

ONE: Pick a direction! Spontenous trips are great, but, always have a general idea of where you would like to go. If not, you will end up in the same places you’ve always been or you and your partener may end up at each others throats because you can’t agree on a place to go. I always try to pick a direction if I have no real plan of a town, or place I’d like to visit. Sometimes, I just want to head south on I-5 and only stop because we need gas, sometimes I’ll point east and we’ll go until we see something that we have to check out. This helps avoid drama and still gives you a sense of a wild adventure without a fight.

Two: Snacks are a MUST! This should probably tie with number one… seriously though, do not forget the snacks. You may not find a place to stop for food unless you’re going a short distance to a town with resturaunts. Water too, hydration is very important! Sometimes we end up nowhere near anything to eat and trust me, a hangry road tripper is an asshole to everyone in the car.

Three: Bring toilet paper. Ladies, (or gents) trust me. I know this one seems silly, because not many people will pee on the side of the road, but sometimes… nature just can’t wait for a gas station or fast food joint. Now, I’m not saying littering is okay, but in an emergency, biodegradable TP is more forgivable.

Four: Music. My travel partener and I usually can hold a conversation for hours and hours, but those silent moments when you look out the window to see something new, or beautiful, need a soundtrack. Maybe it’s just me, but I love the scenes in movies where the characters are traveling along and feeling at peace with life and that perfect song is playing in the background. That can be real life. Just have great tunes on low in the background and soak in the peaceful joy of what music and a good day drive can do to the soul.

Five: GPS. This one seems obvious for the very real fear of getting lost in the wilderness or emergencies, but, if you want to avoid traffic, this is your new bestie. My travel partener and I have this disease where traffic makes us both anxious and claustrophobic so much that we yell at each other like either one of us can fix it. I think the name of the disease is ‘Introvert Peoplephobia’… Anyway, we use this to find the ‘backroads’ around traffic or the scenic routes and it saves many fights and usually takes us places we’ve never been, so it’s like an adventure within an adventure!

I hope these little tips help with your next trip! Keep traveling and always put on those boots before you wander off into the next adventure! Until next time!

Dare to drive somewhere new.

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