Long Beach

Hello road trip wanderers…

Long Beach, another place I haven’t been to in years. My husband had never been there so we decided it was time. The drive is very long, I suggest an overnight stay on this one unless you live closer, we simply did not have enough time to really dig deeper into the beach town. But, the drive was beautiful. We took the 101 most of the way and it was worth the extra time.

The day was perfect. Sunny and 80 degrees outside, good tunes and great conversation. Once we got closer to the beach however, Washington weather proved that the gray wasn’t too far away.

Mist and wind that bit the cheeks… but we still made the best of it and in true Washington style, we’d brought layers to wear over our summer shorts and T-shirts.

The town has definitely gotten bigger and more touristy since I’ve been there, but the vibe is chill and the shops have some cool gems buried under the souvenirs that everyone buys. There’s a carnival for the kids, bars for the adults and food everywhere.

Definitely go to Marsh’s. You don’t have to buy anything, but be sure to really look around at everything… shrunken head? Snakeskins? Magic?

I’d also recommend Cottage Bakery, the doughnuts are delicious and the staff is very friendly.

There is putt putt golf, bike rentals and of course, a few miles of pale sand beaches (not exactly white sand, but not dark gray either). I think this would be a perfect three day weekend getaway for the family. As a day trip, yes absolutely awesome, but only if you’re good with being in the car more than out of it.

Long Beach offers so many places to stay, eat and play, it would be impossible to check them all out in only a couple hours. Get there with plenty of time to really enjoy the area and I think you’ll find a fun place with a true Pacific Northwest vibe.

Until next time! Keep those boots wandering!

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