Chinook Pass to Cayuse Pass

Sometimes the best trip is literally just a drive with random unmarked stops and plenty of nature. We needed fresh air and the day was perfectly warm and sunny, so we decided to wing it and flee the city. We headed up 410 to Chinook Pass and Mount Rainier National Park then took Cayuse Pass to Packwood.

It’s a beautiful drive. We stopped a couple times at places with access to the river.

I enjoy drives like this, the ones with no plans and a place I’ve never been. Unfortunately, while on this particular drive there was a family emergency and we headed straight to the hospital (the family member pulled through and is recovering nicely) but we would have gone along highway 12 from Randal to Mossyrock and out to Chehalis and taken I-5 home.

The greatest part along this route is not only the views, but the tiny little mountain towns along the way. They aren’t very big and have little hidden gems to check out and Packwood has a massive flea market on Labor Day weekend with more treasures than you’ll know what to do with.

We’ll take this trip again, but without the emergency and wander further into new places and beautiful sights. In the meantime, go along this route, before it closes for the winter and make some awesome memories.

Until next time! Keep them boots wandering!

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