5 oddities to bring on your road trip.

The problem we have when we travel on a road trip is usually something to do with packing. Either something vital is forgotten or you brought way too much stuff. I’ve come up with a list of five odd, but essential things to bring along on the adventure.

Now, full disclosure; I don’t have kids, so I’m not going to try and tell you what to bring for your kids, that’s your thing parents. I’m here to offer what I’ve learned so everyone can enjoy the trip.

One: Car Shoes… that sounds weird right? I’m usually the passenger and end up shoeless with my legs crossed under me… or bare feet posted up on the dash. Having shoes that slip on and off quickly makes getting in and out for breaks (or to pee) much easier than tying laces every time. I suggest a spare set of flip flops in warm months and a pair of tough sole slippers in the cool months.

Two: A road blanket… no I’m not suggesting naps, you will miss the fun, but a blanket comes in handy. You might want to have lunch at a cool view point and need something to sit on. Maybe the driver is a freak and blasts the AC all the time, even when it’s snowing outside. Or you just want to snuggle up and watch the stars. A blanket is your friend.

Three: Cash. Believe it or not most people do not carry cash (or even know how to count it! I worked in a bank and saw it all the time). In some very small towns, the card swipe machines can be spotty or sometimes not even exist. Plus, with all the card skimmers and hacking issues, cash might be safer to use anyway when traveling.

Four: Utensils. Weird right? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve needed a spoon or butter knife while road tripping. I like fruit cups and hate having to drink them because I forgot a fork. Just throw some plastic utensils in your snack bag and thank me later.

Five: A towel. Random things happen on road trip adventures. I’ve ended up soaked through my clothes from a surprise rain squall and a towel would have been nice… mostly because people tend to stare when you’re in your underwear, sitting shotgun, snuggling the heat vent. So yes, a towel.

I hope these little tidbits offered some help for planning the next adventure! Until next time, keep them boots wandering!

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