5 things that make RV living difficult.

Hello wanderers! It’s time we got down to the dirty reality of what it’s like to live in an RV. Don’t worry, there are many positive things (new post to come) but these top five things I’ve come up with might help you get ready if you’re going to make the transition yourself. Rv life is pretty good… but there are times when it can be frustrating.

One: Shallow toilets. I’m jumping right into the dirty stuff here, because an RV toilet is sooooo not the same as the real thing. They require extra steps instead of just sitting down and going the go. Multiple flushing can be required mid-go to avoid any clogging. Thinner toilet paper is also required. Plus you get the pleasure of having to empty your rolling septic tank at dump stations. The tanks also retain a certain smell, so chemicals are also needed with each dump of the septic… ewww.

Two: The Oven. Sometimes known as “the biscuit burner” these little monsters are a real hit or miss when cooking. I know people whose ovens work great and others (like me) that can’t get the thing to cook anything all the way through. The small size is one thing, but the uneven cooking is a real problem… cuz you know, food borne illness is a real thing and that can bring us back to number one on this list.

Three: Ventilation. Ever been on a bus in the middle of summer with windows that don’t open? How about the same bus filled with rain soaked people on a very cold day? Most RVs have AC units and fans that are excellent at moving air… but sometimes in certain climates or seasons, it really doesn’t help. Some days no matter how much you ventilated or used the dehumidifier you’re gonna feel like you’re trapped in an old bus.

Four: The Bed. Most beds in an RV these days are in a tip-out of their own. Some have a space or nook created just for the bed and others have a designated room. I have the tip out version. These can feel a bit claustrophobic because the ceiling can be reached while laying down and the side walls are literally right next to your head. We got a new memory foam mattress (which I recommend doing as soon as you purchase your RV) which definitely makes the sleeping nook a little better, but I’ve definitely hit my head a time of two crawling out of bed.

Five: Storage space. You must be prepared to live a truly minimalist lifestyle. Not because it’s trendy or zen, but because you really just can’t fit your unnecessary stuff in your RV. That fancy china set? Ditch it. The clothes you might wear someday? Donate. Unfinished projects of any kind? Toss. Only bring what you use, need and can’t live without. And be reasonable with those things too because things add up and clutter all your space very quickly.

If RV living isn’t going to be a full time lifestyle and more of a ‘between homes because rent is SO expensive’ kind of gig, I recommend storing your big ticket items in either a unit or buying an actual shipping container (which are fairly priced) if you have a property to store it on.

Don’t worry, the positive things outweigh the negative… stay tuned for a similar list with the happy stuff!

Until next time! Keep those boots wandering!

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