5 Things that make RV Living Worth it.

Hi wanderers and fellow adventure seekers! Last time, we talked about the negative stuff when it comes to the RV lifestyle… this time we’ll be looking at the good stuff!

I’ve come up with 5 things that make the RV lifestyle awesome! There’s much more than 5 things if I’m being honest, but for now we’ll cover the main points.

One: Affordability. Let’s be real here, rent in the current market is HIGH. A mortgage? In many places that is also insanely expensive right now, which leaves little option for a place to call home. Check out RV prices! Even a brand new RV can be purchased for well under 75k and payments are often under $600 a month. RV parks usually keep their rents low for a space and power/water/sewer/wifi are usually included.

Two: Mobility. Want to visit Yellowstone? See the Grand Canyon? Have the freedom to live in any state for a while? Just bring your house. This is ideal for the wandering spirit and those with “remote-in” jobs. You can literally visit anywhere and if you join a KOA the park options open up significantly.

Three: Minimalist Lifestyle. When we moved into our RV we learned very quickly how much crap we had cluttering up our lives. I’ve realized I don’t actually need a lot of the things I thought I would die without. Don’t get me wrong, I still have lots of stuff, but I’m getting better at getting rid of the clutter.

Four: Challenges your Relationship. Most might call this a ‘con’ and not a ‘pro’ but I think it belongs on this list. My husband and I have had some truly epic blowouts over this lifestyle. We’ve tested each other and ourselves by giving up the traditional home. It’s been four years, we haven’t traveled as much as we’d planned but our relationship is at a whole new level. We’re not only husband and wife, but best friends. No matter who you love, where you’re at in your relationship, this lifestyle will challenge it and if you can focus on the good and laugh a lot, you’re going to be very happy and very close.

Five: Cleaning is a Breeze. My RV can literally be full of dirty dishes, dirt and dust and I can get it spotless within an hour. It takes me about five minutes to vacuum the entire thing and that includes sweeping the kitchen floors. Everything has its place and once it’s there, the place looks brand new again. It took me an entire day to clean my old house, but now all I need is about an hour to clean it top to bottom.

Well I hope these are helpful when deciding if this is the life for you. It’s not for everyone and has its challenges but I enjoy the good things this lifestyle has brought me.

Keep those boots wandering and we’ll see you at our next adventure!

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