How to Make Your RV a Home

Hello wanderers!

Well, you got the RV and it’s so awesomely awesome and you’re so excited but… it looks like every other RV out there. It’s not cozy or inviting… it’s kinda bleh.

Have no fear my friends, it will take a few tries to bring in the right decor to get that homey feeling. I’m going to offer up some examples of what I did. Sure, a full remodel would have been cool, but unfortunately it requires more money, and later on it can hurt resale because we all have different tastes.

Everything I use for decorating can be easily tossed into a tote for travel and easily put back out once we park and settle in. Non-breakable photo frames, vases, candles etc. make life easy and fun because you can hit the dollar store and find cheaper stuff that still looks great!

Candles: As long as you have the counter space or a nice surface, a candle tray can change the vibe from bleh to warm with little effort. It’s up to you to decide what kind of candles to use. I recommend battery powered, simply because a flame candle in a small space needs a very close eye, just in case (Fires in RVs are very scary business). You can also change them to match the season.

Throw pillows: Most RVs come with a couch of some sort and tossing a cute pillow or two with a throw blanket can really change the whole look. I rotate a couple different colors of pillows just to shake it up a bit.

A real plant: I have an air plant in a ceramic pineapple that sits in the counter in my kitchen window. It’s small but it makes the space feel like home.

Photos: This can feel tough. Where can I put frames that won’t break? How will I hang them? Well first, get rid of the glass. Buy cheap frames with the plastic protector for over the photos or make your own protector (craft stores have the thin plastic in sheets). To hang, pick a spot unaffected by tip out movement and use command strips. Those things are fantastic! I use the hooks for towels and to hang my potholders.

There is so many more ideas and things to share that we’d be here for days. You have your own style and I encourage you to throw it into your RV and make it home! I’ll have more tips and tricks coming your way soon!

Keep them boots wandering!

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