A Holiday in Leavenworth

Hello wanderers!

I’ve told you about Leavenworth before, over the summer my husband and I stayed for our anniversary, it was awesome. It’s a one of a kind experience in the warm summer season, but around Christmas time… whole different experience. I had been in winter once before but my husband had not, so we decided it was time for him to see it in person.

Over a million little lights adorn the Bavarian themed buildings on Front Street and beyond. Each weekend a light festival is held to bring the town from cold and dark to bright and merry.

We went on a Thursday, mostly to avoid big crowds because crowds just aren’t our thing. It just so happens we also chose to go on the day of the biggest snow storm of the year… we made it alright but it got a little hairy in some spots over the passes. Be careful when driving in winter conditions, anything can happen and cell service is spotty in the more dangerous places.

Due to the storm we weren’t able to stay too long, but we did get to visit Kringles Christmas store and window shop while wandering through a winter wonderland. If you want Christmas, visit Kringles.

This little town really goes all out, not just the lights but the vibe itself is fantastic. There’s sledding in the town square, more lit trees than one can count and caroling. Not to mention the warm cocoa and coffee right there on every corner.

Good news, you don’t have to rush out in December to experience this beautiful light display. The town leaves them up well into February, so you can go without the stress of trying to cram it into December. I also recommend staying overnight, just to get the full experience and to avoid rushing through the town in case of a snow storm.

Give Leavenworth a visit, you might find a new tradition! As always keep those boots wandering. And Merry Christmas to you and yours, Happy Holidays and a very happy new year!

Until next time!

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