Lonesome Lake

Hi wanderers!

In the winter, it’s difficult to find the time and even the energy to travel. Here in Washington it’s so gray and wet, leaving the comfort of ones own home feels like too much work. At least it does for me, but I’m an introvert, so there’s that. I do enjoy venturing out to go into the deep woods of the mountains.

My husband and I were invited to travel deep into the Cascade Foothills, just outside of the small town of Greenwater Washington, to witness two friends get engaged. Of course we had to go!

Normally, I’d give you basic directions on how to reach your destination, this time I won’t, because the road traveled to this lake is through a private neighborhood then up some logging roads so it’s a little like a local secret only for the brave. Think of it as a challenge.

In winter, to reach the lake you will need a 4×4 vehicle and chains possibly. The road is not plowed. Cell service is sketchy as well, so be smart, the road can be treacherous in places and you will not be able to call for help in most spots up there. Travel with a friend in a second vehicle in case of emergency or the need to have someone pull you out of the snow.

Lonesome Lake is a smaller alpine lake surrounded by deep forest and abundant wildlife. We spotted a bobcat on the side of the road on our way up there. There is an undercover picnic area and a trail down to the lakes edge. It’s beautiful and quiet there. A perfect place to be alone with nature.

This Summer, I will visit and update you on the adventure in warmer months when snow is nothing but a puddle. I heard there is excellent kayaking and hiking around the lake.

In the meantime, if you have the means to travel to this hidden gem, do so with a picnic lunch and your snowshoes.

Until next time wanderers! Keep those boots wandering!

PS; she said yes!

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