RV Life with Pets

Hello wanderers,

I bet some of you have a furry family member or two and might wonder if it’s possible for you to move them into an RV. It is, but the transition is going to take some work and patience.

I have two cats and they were used to a 1600 square foot house and a half acre yard, when we sold our home and moved into the RV. We had a 3-week transition period from exit of the home, to purchase and move into the RV. Seriously guys, if you can, avoid that at all costs. The stress of living in a limbo space can cause massive anxiety and stress to your pets.

You’re stressed, now imagine not understanding what happened and being in a strange place without the normal smell or favorite place to nap!

The photo below is how they travel in the truck with us sometimes. A simple box and blanket for them to hide in. Sometimes all a pet wants is a good hidey hole.

My two gals were so upset by the move they both ended up getting sick. One with an upper respiratory infection and the other ate a toy and spent days hurling up pieces of it (super gross I know) all over the place. I’m still not sure why she ate the toy… pets are weird when stressed out.

Give your pet the smoothest transition you are able to, and be there to ‘show’ them their new space. They need extra love and patience for the first few weeks of living in the RV.

We added a cat tree when we pulled out the full sized sofa bed we didn’t need. In the tip out with the dinette we added another desk and shelves for storage. We put a ‘cat bed’ on the new desk so they have a view out the windows. These fuzzbutts are spoiled…

Just be prepared to have to make some adjustments for your pets as well as yourself. There a many options for RVs that are pet friendly. Window houses for cats, bed nooks for dogs and ideas for storage as well, Pinterest is your friend!

Until next time, keep them boots wandering!

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