Tips and Tricks for Full-Time RV Living.

Hey Wanderers!

You have the RV, you got it feeling like home… but what about those daily tasks you used to do in a house or apartment? Have those tasks changed?

Nope. If anything, you have MORE daily tasks. But, the good news? The space is small so once you nail down the needed tasks, you can breeze through them all before brunch–do people still do brunch?

Vacuum: Because the space is small with lower ventilation, you will need to vacuum any carpet daily–in mine this literally only takes five minutes. Especially if you have pets you wouldn’t believe the dust created in a day… sorta gross. I recommend a Dyson battery power vacuum. Costco has good deals on these and they get the job done well.

Sweeping: Yep, probably will want to do that daily. Just like with the dust, crumbs and dirt just appear on the floor and stick to your socks. Again though, this can take two minutes so it’s pretty painless. A Swiffer helps a lot with pet hair, since the vacuum sometimes just shoots it into the air.

Wipe down the counters: In a small space this will take 30 seconds and it’s worth it. Something about the counter having been cleaned just makes the RV feel tidy and comfortable.

Dishes: Yes my pretties… the dreaded dishes. If you don’t constantly use paper plates and bowls, then you gotta do the dishes. Probably twice a day. Some RVs have dishwashers–I know, crazy right. But most likely you won’t have one so that means the sooner you get these done, the better. This is probably your longest task, probably ten to twenty minutes.

I’m staring at a pile right now because I skipped yesterday and I regret it. Regret it. So. Freaking. Much.

Other than the dishes… these tasks that used to take forever in a house or apartment will only take up less than a half hour of your day and the results will be more noticeable. Trust me, it will make you feel good in your space.

Well Wanderers, until next time! Keep those boots wandering!

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