Life in Coronavirus Ground Zero USA.

Hello my Wanderers!

This post is quite a bit different than my normal articles. I’m here in Washington state, only 25 miles from ‘ground zero’ of the first Coronavirus case in the United States. Let me tell you, I did not expect to be living in a science fiction thriller movie. I’m an adventure seeker, and seeking adventure in the winter is tougher because many towns are shuttered until spring anyway, but now? Spring is approaching fast and the towns may remain shuttered. The word ‘quarantine’ is being used. It’s not going to be possible to wander if (or when?) the government issues a quarantine. It hasn’t happened yet as I write this, but the possibility is very real. It’s also not possible to travel to festivals, fairs and events when they have all been cancelled. So let me tell you what I’m witnessing, in real life, not just what the media is discussing.

What the hell is with the toilet paper? I understand that this is scary, but why is everyone buying out ALL the stores? So, sure… I bought some once I saw it was disappearing faster than ice in a desert because I’d really hate to need it only to find the store empty again… that would be the shits… Its not just toilet paper; water, rubbing alcohol, first aid supplies, hand sanitizer, bleach, canned soup and movies are in short supply at many of the stores (I will not name them for legal reasons). It’s surreal to head into a local store and find many shelves sparse or completely empty to the point where a Black Friday sale can’t even compare.

No movies to buy!?
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The government here is freaking out. It’s no joke anymore after I watched the governor hold a press conference and he used phrases like; “it’s going to be difficult for all of us.” And “our lives will be drastically changed and we are going to struggle.” He mentioned shutting down schools and getting aid from the national guard. It’s got a little wandering set of boots like me wondering how much my life is about to change?

It’s hard to face the reality of this situation. The number of cases (in my personal opinion) and even deaths doesn’t seem like enough to shut down entire countries and cities but yet, here we are. I hope this passes quickly and we overcome the fear, but after witnessing the early phases of a total lockdown of my own city, it’s not looking promising.

People are trying to stay positive.

Traffic is half what it once was. Seattle restaurants and shops are closed from lack of business. Big tech companies are requiring employees to telecommute. Nursing homes have increases in cases daily. People are whispering about their fears in the stores with empty shelves. The media is constantly filling the television with breaking news and events in 3 counties have already been canceled. The National Guard is on standby. Life here is not the same, no matter how much people are trying.

I’d like to continue to day trip. I’d like for my life to remain as it is. I’d like to share with you all more small towns that I venture into here in Washington… but the immediate future is uncertain. I will keep you updated as things continue. In the meantime, I’m looking forward to a day trip on a sunny day, even if it’s just off into the woods where nature is reality and the science fiction is left behind.

Until next time, keep them boots wandering and stay hopeful.

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