Lockdown Life: 3 Things to Occupy the Time.

Hello Wanderers… or maybe these days we’re all Wanderlusters?

My home state of Washington recently announced a month long lockdown extension which means that wandering around to small towns is out of the question. It’s a pretty big bummer when you write about travel… but one must carry on and make the best of it. My RV is parked, my gas tank is full without anywhere to go (I think my truck gets 4 weeks to the gallon at this point). So what do I do while I wait for my world to start spinning again? I came up with 3 simple things you can do daily to feel productive… I know I felt unproductive and trapped in the first few days of this (and I’m an introvert!).

First things first: is your home organized? Does it feel good to be there? This isn’t on the top three list but organizing and cleaning is a good way to pass the time. A good comfortable space with less clutter makes it easier to be home. Declutter the spaces you spend the most time in and you’ll notice it feels a little bigger and a little nicer. Onward to the list!

A little bit of a peek at the pot garden. (The garden is in pots, not the other kind of pot)

One: Journal. I know, I’m a writer so for me this is a huge ‘yes please!’ But, anyone can write in a journal and it doesn’t have to be words, you can draw something or doodle or anything. The point is to get out all the ugly feelings inside of you and leave them on the page. Also, this is a historic time and if you document your life and feelings during this, one day it could tell your great great grandkids about ‘The Great 2020 Pandemic.’ Or maybe it will become a movie… just write about it.

Two: Find a new hobby. This sounds a bit broad, but it’s something you will have to discover for yourself. I have plenty of hobbies; I paint and draw (badly). I make wooden signs and remake old furniture. I garden. I read. I write… obviously. But, I’ve never tried to actually sit down and learn to play guitar, so that’s my ‘new hobby’ and it’s harder than I thought, but will be worth it in the end. There’s millions of ‘how-to’ and ‘step-by-step’ videos out there to help you with a new hobby. Try it.

Three: Exercise. The gym is closed, parks are shut and being outside is harder than you think for avoiding people. I personally hate working out and the gym. It feels too forced and at the gym I feel like everyone is always staring at each other, judging silently… I hate it. But, our bodies need to move or our health will suffer. I’ve started walking every day, down the block and back. I do archery and yes that’s a thing. In the evening I do yoga and core work and it’s improving my mood and my body. Find a good spot for some sit-ups or yoga. Take a walk whenever you can and if it comes down to it, have a dance party in the kitchen! Just move, every day and you’ll feel better.

I’m not going to lie, writing has been a struggle for me with the constant anxiety and stress, but I’m slowly getting back to myself. So, try these things, they’re helping me deal and maybe they can help you too.

Until next time, even though the boots are still, let your imagination wander free.

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