Alder Lake

Hey Wanderers

The pandemic has really changed the way we all travel. I haven’t been getting out much myself because of the crowds that have flocked to the small nooks hidden away here in the Pacific Northwest. I finally couldn’t take being locked up inside my parked RV. So, we packed up the kayaks and headed out towards Eatonville and then out to Alder Lake in Elby. The drive is long but peaceful once you get out of the populated areas. You can catch some great views of Mt. Rainier and farmlands that smell of sweet grass and evergreens.

Out on the water

I’m not going to lie, the water access spots and beaches were absolutely packed. There was barely anywhere to park and cars full of people clogged up the tiny town like an infestation of ants. I know I was part of the madness but I still felt bad for the locals battling against the onslaught of sudden traffic.

That aside, the husband and I really did enjoy the lake. Now be aware, the lake allows motorized watercraft so if you plan on kayaking, use common sense and stick to the shore lines. It’s well worth it too because you’re going to catch those patches of shade and also see some wildlife if you’re paying attention.

I normally never post blurry pictures but it’s a bald eagle and I was in a bobbing boat.

I’d highly recommend bringing a sack lunch and finding a public shore to take a break and eat something. We hung out on the center island for a while enjoying the breeze and fresh air. I felt pretty zen finally escaping the sounds of city life. The best medicine for the soul truly is nature and an amazing view of Mt. Rainier doesn’t hurt either.

Best view in the house

Wherever this pandemic takes us, we have to remember that we have ways to get outside. Granted, everyone else has also figured this out so many places are getting busy, but we’re figuring it out. So find your own place. Find a spot where you can explore and find some peace. Just remember the little adventures are what keep us going between the bigger ones.

Until next time, keep them boots wandering.

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