Little Towns Need Our Love.

Hey Wanderers,

We hear it daily. Covid. Coronavirus. The Rona. 2020 is practically a swear word at this point. There is no more denying that this situation has wrecked many hopes and dreams and destroyed lives. We also can’t deny that this has trashed our economy. I won’t dig too deep into it because I don’t need to, you already know, you feel it. So, what can we do?

We save the small towns. Why? Because all of us are part of them. The small town is the heart of this country, because it’s held together by a community. The big cities are really just a collection of small towns in one place. A city is filled with small, unique neighborhoods that each have their own vibe and community. Our communities are what matter the most. We know each other’s names, stories and see each other daily. These little places are how we connect with those small moments that bring us joy. A smile at the market, a chuckle at a joke, a pat on the shoulder, someone just saying hello. What happens if that is gone? This pandemic is trying to rip away our heart.


I’m here, as always, to try and find a positive way for us to come together. The division isn’t helping us, it won’t help us be whole again. We should be coming together, because really at the end of the day, I truly believe we all want the same thing; happinesses, freedom and the ability to live our dreams. The small community is where we can start to come together again.


We are a nation built on the small business, owned by those from all walks of life. Sure, I love shopping at the box stores. But, I’ve come to realize, those places ride in the ‘too big to fail’ zone. They have big money and bailout options and have remained open for the pandemic. The small candy store on Main Street in your neighborhood? They’re lucky to qualify for a loan, which must be paid back and only adds to their troubles. Without your help, they are about to shutter the shop forever. We can’t let that happen. These are our neighbors, friends, part of our community. Do you see the CEO of those big box stores walking their dog down your street? Do you chat over the fence with them about the weather? Not likely.


I don’t think this country will be a better place if all that remains after this is over, is nothing but big corporate box stores. Do you? So I say this; shop local as much as you can. Get to know your neighborhood and support the community. Buy books at the small bookstore. Get pints of ice cream at the local candy shop. Get coffee at that small shop or stand where they give your kids a lollipop too. Buy fall pumpkins from a local farm. Check out that little boutique. Eat at that little place with the hand made menus. And sure, shop at the box stores because they are convenient, but don’t forget about your neighbors. Those same neighbors are just trying to live their dreams and feed their family, just like you.

As always, keep them boots wandering 🖤

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