Palm Desert California

Hey Wanderers! Instead of a drive for a day, I was lucky enough to be able to fly out for a four day girls trip to Palm Desert California!

Travel during covid is really interesting. I’m not going to lie, the small crowds in the airport and half filled planes are nice for a gal like me who hates crowds. It’s a bit sad though. Everyone is subdued because it’s hard to be comfortable with a mask on constantly. The lockdowns and restrictions make travel to new places feel sadder, less exciting and adventurous. I won’t lie, I feel a bit like I live in one of my novels. Like I’ve been tossed into that dystopian world where anything fun is heavily controlled and practically illegal. But, for now, at least I’m going on an adventure, even if it will be a bit dystopian style.

Many places in Palm Desert are going the extra mile to ensure you can enjoy yourself and practice social distances easily. Luckily the weather in California is nice, so outside dining is available and possible, unlike many other states with colder weather. We ate at a few excellent places that I highly recommend. The Daily Grill is excellent for lunch. They have a great menu and nice staff. Want a strong margarita? The Fresh Agave is your place with good food and strong drinks outside in the sunshine. Sullivan’s Steak House has great burgers. Mastro’s Steakhouse is very classy and it’s reflected in the prices but everything is worth it, they are very attentive and the food is fantastic.

The Living Desert Zoo is a great place to spend the day. Trust me, you can spend and entire day there very easily. They are privately funded through donations and started 50 years ago with a desert tortoise and a coyote—according to the lady at the welcome center. Now, the zoo is filled with animals of all kinds who needed a home. The walk through the zoo is beautiful, surrounded by rocky hills and unique desert plants. You can also hike from the zoo, onto a trail out into the wild desert for a true nature walk—bring water and snacks for that one.

The exciting part of the experience? We got to feed the giraffes. I didn’t get photos because I was busy feeding them lettuce. It’s an amazing experience.

Back to where all the things are happening on El Paseo—the main drag—you’ll find lots of unique shops, high end retailers and restaurants with good food and plenty of outdoor seating. Lots of beautiful hotels offer nice rooms and sit very close to everything so you can walk to pretty much anywhere. Wear comfortable shoes because you will probably want to walk along and see the boutiques and shops. Plenty of small shopping centers and golf courses wait nearby to be discovered on your adventure. If you come out here, bring your sun hat, covid mask and explore the area.

***As I write this, the state will be returning to mandatory lockdown at midnight on December 6th. It’s unclear when that will end.*

Maybe once covid calms down, travel to California’s Palm Springs and Palm Desert and find yourself a relaxing adventure, on a hike, playing golf or just getting some sun by the pool.

Until next time, keep them boots wandering.

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