Westport Washington

Hey Wanderers!

So this adventure had a bit of a sad note to it. My uncle passed away in December of 2020 and a few of us went to Grayland—his favorite place—to spread his ashes. It was actually a beautiful day, and much warmer than normal for a March day in the Pacific Northwest. We really made the best of it and I think my uncle would have really appreciated that.

My husband and I decided to leave early so we could spend the entire day on the coast. We hit up Westport first, before the ceremony. Most of the shops that survived the lockdown were open and eager for customers. The little marina town comes alive in the afternoon on sunny days and we were there in the morning, when it’s quiet and only the sound of ocean waves, boats and gulls fill the streets.

We went into a couple little shops filled with fun beach trinkets and delicious snacks—like homemade fudge and candies. Wherever we go I try to find a shop with a small item with the name of where we are. So many years of visiting Westport and I never picked something up! I finally found a small ship Christmas ornament. My tree has many little ornaments from places we’ve been, I’m hoping to fill it up one day!

After a slow walk through town we headed right for the beach. Both of us like to collect unique rocks at places we’ve wandered through and our collection has grown quite a bit. Westport beach has plenty of rocks to look at and plenty of sea life to watch in the water. The observation tower is also a must-see as well when you visit. The view is fantastic.

The view towards Westport

The ceremony was held in Grayland, which is very close by so we grabbed lunch before heading out of town. Bennett’s Fish Shack is THE BEST place to grab fresh fish and chips. And I mean it when I say fresh, Westport is a fishing community after all. But make sure to get there early because they sell out fast!

After eating a delicious lunch, we waved goodbye for now to Westport and headed to Grayland for the ceremony. It was beautiful and sunny. Perfect to send my uncle’s ashes away on the breeze. Afterwards We really wanted to go to the beach again. Grayland is excellent for a day at the beach. You can camp at the state park and drive down to the sand and watch the waves for hours. We brought kites and my husband got to finally fly his trick kite and test his skills—he’s actually pretty good!

We stayed as long as we could before having to return to the city. Though it was chilly from the wind, it really was a perfect day.

If you come out to Westport and Grayland, remember to slow down, enjoy the waves and fresh air and take the time to breathe. Out there is a calmer, slower pace of life where the little moments are the most important.

Until next time, keep those boots wandering.

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