RV Life: 5 Tips! Find Out, Is It Right For You?

Hey Wanderers!

So it’s Spring which means RV season is upon us! This is also when homes go up for sale. What happens when you’re selling a home and you wonder what’s next? What about the RV life? As we all take a look at our financial situation it makes most ask; can I afford to buy again? The market is high and going up every day, that’s great for selling, but is it great for buying? Maybe you’re not sure, that’s okay, not everyone is ready to buy and maybe renting doesn’t sound fun either. Life is forever changed which means lots of people are suddenly finding themselves working from home permanently too. This is a good thing for those with some serious wanderlust.

Want to live the RV life? Here’s 5 winning tips on how to live your best RV life that will save your money and your spirit.

One: Buy within your means. RV life can end up costing more than a mortgage or rent if you’re not careful. Buying a 5th wheel or pull behind? Do you have a truck to tow it? Can you afford both the truck and trailer? You can if you shop around and research what will work for your life and finances. Don’t let a really plush expensive trailer, 5th wheel or motorhome compel you to overspend. That said, you should always consider the second item on my list…

Two: Remake. Renovate. DIY. Okay that’s like 3-in-1 but it counts! DIY sounds really scary, but it’s definitely easier than you think. We bought a new 5th wheel and it was great but over time we realized the furniture wasn’t working for our needs. So all we did was replace the couch, dinette and love seat. Now we have a twin bed ‘daybed’ as a couch—far more comfortable. A desk with a chair and a full size cat treehouse for the cats. And I even added bookcases made from antique crates for storage. The aesthetic is very homey, and very us. It’s yours so make it yours.

Three: Patience. You are going to face some challenges. It’s inevitable, because that’s just part of life, but sometimes since you’re in a smaller space those challenges will feel huge. Our water lines froze one winter for more than two weeks. No running water at all and there was nothing we could do but wait. Trust me, learning to acknowledge the struggle and looking for a work-around or just having a good attitude will save you lots of frustration.

Four: Embracing Minimal Living. You will either need to store the big things you want to keep for the future and stuff you can’t part with, or get rid of it all. You will have to choose what is staying and can fit in the RV and what must go. It’s harder than you think because until you start moving into the RV you don’t realize how much stuff you actually have.

Five: A Plan! Where are you going? Where are you parking it? How long at each place? It doesn’t have to be a major thing, because spontaneity is part of the adventure, but at least call a place before you go to make sure you can get a spot for a while and determine cost. I recommend joining a KOA or something like that so you can travel to different ones at good prices and get some of those great amenities. Dry camping is fun, but sometimes a real shower is really nice. And laundry. That is a must for me.

Well that’s five tips to help get you through the decision process. Check back for more ideas and tips on RV life

Keep them boots wandering!

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