RV Life: Small Space Peace of Mind

Hey Wanderers!

Nope, not a typo in the title, I really mean it when I say PEACE of mind. The key to a good life is simple, yet so complicated we are all out here constantly searching for it. What are we really looking for? It’s peace. With Peace comes happiness and with that comes a feeling of completion. RV living is not without its struggles or stresses, so the key is to make room for a little peace inside your home.

We’ll start with the most difficult thing in small spaces. CLUTTER. This is one of those things you don’t realize you have until you actually start going through stuff to get some organization done in your home.

I’m so guilty of clutter. I like unique things, like old glass jars, mismatched photo frames and houseplants in unique pots. Add in the paper clutter of writing notes, mail and so on and a problem grows. My husband tends to leave tools around after a project is finished. You see the issue here?

How do you fight it?

You have to do the work. Start with one thing. Let’s say your shoes. How many pairs do you have? Which ones are needed? Which do you just love and which haven’t been worn in a year? Seasonal is one thing, but do you need 15 pairs of boots? Be firm with yourself and donate or sell the shoes you don’t need and don’t really love. Of course this is an example. Nobody has 15 pairs of boots… ahem. Moving forward.

Storage bins, shelves and cubicles that will work in your RV. RVs come with great cupboards and storage for short term travel adventures. But long term living? Nope, not so great. We’ve removed the original furniture and replaced it with our own. I’m big on shelves and clear bins and wood boxes to store things. That way you can see what’s there, but it’s neatly tucked away and can easily be moved for when you travel and need to prep for the bumpy roads.

The dollar store has a decent selection of bins of all sizes for easy storage. Wire rack shelves add storage but are lightweight and won’t block off windows. RVs are limited on natural light so we need all the windows we can get. I got my shelves on Amazon and bins from the dollar store and Marshals.

Once everything has a place and you’ve done the work, all your stress will lessen while inside your home. Then you can focus on adventures and focus less on where all your stuff is buried in those dark cupboards.

Good luck my friends and strive to find your peace! Until next time keep those boots wandering!

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