Packing Tips

Preparing to move anywhere is stressful. Whether you’re moving across the street, across the state, or to across the globe, it’s stressful. So many things come into play as you’re planning your move. We’ve all read the tips and tricks and give them a try, but in the end there is always chaos and lost things and broken glasses. Well, here is some tips on packing that are realistic and harder to ignore.

One: Keep it simple. Sounds easy, but it’s not. What I mean is go into ONE room with your boxes and bubble wrap and a big black trash bag. STAY in that one room. Label the boxes for that one space. Fill that trash bag with trash. If you don’t need something in the new house, toss it. I have ADHD so the need to rush from room to room and pack half the bathroom and then randomly find a photo album to flip through while listening to a long lost and found again CD makes staying in one room a real struggle. Shut the door if you have to, bring water and snacks and get it done.

Two: Use the right materials. Packing is expensive. But if you skimp on bubble wrap or use cardboard boxes instead of a tote for some things, you may end up paying the price for it later. Broken glass, busted photo frames, maybe an heirloom that can’t be replaced? Don’t be hasty with the things you actually care about and just toss them into a box. Take the time to wrap them up and pack them away into a place where they won’t be too jostled in transit.

Three: Labels. See that taped up box over there? Where does it go? What’s in it? Who does the box belong to? There is nothing more frustrating than looking for the frying pan in an endless amount of unlabeled boxes lying all over every room. I use blue painters tape and a sharpie to write what room the box belongs in, what’s inside and who owns it. I don’t have kids so I don’t always need to write a name on it, but for those with a family, names on the boxes help immensely.

Four: Toss the junk. As you pack, toss out the stuff you don’t need or really love. Trust me. I’ll be unpacking a bunch of stuff that I don’t need that’s been in storage for 6 years and will have to go through it all when I get to my new home. It’s exhausting, extra work and extra clutter that I simply don’t need. Learn from my mistakes and get rid of the excess before you haul it to a new home.

Five: Take the time. If you know you’re leaving in a month, two months etc. start packing right away. The moment you decide to go, start the process of going through things and packing up the non-essentials. The sooner you can get a jump on it the easier it will be during moving week.

Toss the junk, label the boxes and totes and get excited for your upcoming adventure in a new place!

Keep them boots wandering! Until next time!

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